Hug Your Favorite Writer Today

This week is, apparently, National Freelance Writer’s Appreciation Week. Who knew?

I just found out when I came across this story about a writing initiative in Door County.


Hug a writer. Or a meerkat. These guys have nothing to do with this story, but they were too darn cute to pass up.

Hey, I’m all for national recognition, especially for a group of people who, by the very nature of their work, can spend hours and days alone. Thinking about it…I actually have not left my house in four days…and aside from a Skype call with an old friend yesterday, have not actually spoken to anyone other than Island Boy since Monday.

Yes, I could take my laptop and head to the local Pasty Presto (our version of a coffee shop). But I need quiet and solitude to write. Plus, the general public undoubtedly expects me to put something else on besides pajamas when I venture beyond the confines of my own house. Who needs that stress?

So back to Write On Door County (who comes up with such clever names? oh yeah…writers…). Everyone has a story to tell, and I’m glad that the senior citizens of this lovely vacation wonderland (if you’ve never been…go…summers in Door County are truly lovely) have a chance to record theirs for posterity. It is a great idea and one that should be adopted everywhere.

In the meantime, today could be the day I venture outdoors. Writing this blog has me craving a Cornish pasty…damn it.







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