I’ve undergone a bit of a rebranding this week. No, I’m still married. Still a brunette. Still disliking the cold climate where I presently find myself. Still wanting to lose a bit of the Full Afternoon Tea (FAT in the industry) chub I’ve acquired since arriving here. (They don’t call it FAT for nothing, unfortunately.)

Nope…the rebranding has to do with something else.

I realized that I had too many diverse interests to pile into a single website and blog. Especially one that has evolved into the primary site to feature my professional writing. This site was starting to feel a bit like Sybil. Never knowing what you would find from day to day.

It confuses even me when I jump from random adventures to wistful insights to sharing professional achievements here. If I am confused, I think maybe my readers (all 10 of you) might be confused, too.

I also realized that I previously registered the domain – Seemed a waste to have it just sitting out in limbo land.

These epiphanies resulted in me spending the past week reacquainting myself with the nuances of CSS and other such mundane technical matters. Don’t ever let anyone tell you I’m not a barrel of fun.

I’m pleased to share with you the fruits of my labor…and invite you to visit the site(s) that suit your interests. They each have follow buttons, too. You know, just in case.

After this post, this blog is going to be solely devoted to all things writing (and any professional accomplishments I can share, like guest blogging or other interesting new projects I’ve completed).

So please stay if you’re into that sort of thing. I hope you are.

But just in case you may be here for other reasons or also interested in other stuff I’m doing…  ☛ My home base. An umbrella site of sorts that contains links to ATL (all things Liz). Also my platform for talking about my journey to a simpler, more fulfilling life and my ongoing attempts to stay the course as a minimalist. The site will also contain any other random stuff I want to share. Think of it as a Liz potpourri…  ☛  My original site. Back from my early days as a Caribbean island girl. The blog went on hiatus in 2013, as did I in 2014. But since I’m still technically an island girl (just one who wears far more layers than before) and I still find myself in absurd situations (just with different accents), I thought it was time to bring this site out of storage. It always was and will continue to be devoted exclusively to my crazy adventures and observations on rocks (and other places).

Thanks for following along with me so far. I hope to see you here or on some of my other sites soon.


Liz a/k/a Island Girl




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