Doing What It Takes

A few days ago, I read a news article about some 24 year old woman who posted an open letter to the CEO of her then-company (she subsequently got fired), complaining that her entry-level job didn’t pay enough for her to maintain her desired lifestyle in San Francisco. Oh, then she “updated” her open letter to add she got fired. Then…wait for it…she begged for donations.

lazy-productivity-hacksI just shook my head at her complaints and the audacity of her request. I then wondered why she didn’t just do what it took to make ends meet. You know, get a second job, move to a less expensive city, etc. After all, it isn’t like she had anyone other than herself to be responsible for.

Try making it in your early 20s as a single mom with two young children, then come whining to me. I may have more compassion for you.

I also realized that she probably would receive money from complete strangers, along with a bit of internet notoriety she will probably parlay into something lucrative. For doing nothing but whining. And throwing any shred of self-respect out the window. Sort of like Kim Kardashian.

I also wondered if that was the shared attitude of the next generation coming up into the world now. It stunned me to think that rather than a strong work ethic and taking responsibility for one’s self, there is a generation that thinks it better to crowdfund their lifestyle and Instagram their way to success.

Then I came across THIS response from another 20-something woman, who also happens to be a professional freelance writer. She worked her way up to her present, successful writing career by working in a restaurant to supplement her writing goals. Sounded familiar.

Her well-constructed response to the original whiner’s open letter was spot on. It restored my faith in humanity and the younger generation.

There is hope.


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