The Fun of Guest Blogging

Recently, I’ve been working on expanding my voice in terms of the things I write about. Two such opportunities recently presented themselves in the form of guest blogs for very different audiences.

The first gave me a chance to talk about some of my global adventures. I’ve been to some really interesting places, and it was fun to share my tips and tricks for success in some vastly different places. Without further ado…


Then, I turned my attention to my life as an expat. Although I originally started my expat life for reasons other than a job transfer overseas, I do find myself on my current rock of residence due to the needs of my spouse. Sort of like the life of the “other spouse” which is the focus of the next guest blog.

It was also an excellent opportunity to share my insights about what life is like in this tiny country floating off the coast of France. As most people who know me already are aware…this is not my favorite place to live. Still, things sometimes have to be done for the greater good, which is how I classify this experience. I will continue to look for the positives to come from my time here (which is quickly drawing to a close).

In the meantime, I tried to paint an even-handed picture of what life here is like. Nobody likes negativity.


I hope you enjoy reading these guest blogs as much as I enjoyed writing them.





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