Hi! I’m Liz Wegerer, the creative mind behind Island Girl Writing.

Before I began this company, I started and managed other successful businesses, including my own law firm. Throughout my three decade career, I’ve worked in the US, UK and Caribbean as a:

  • Lawyer
  • Writer
  • Magazine Editor
  • Business Event Planner

…plus a few other roles along the way, like scuba diving instructor and food truck chef. Those last two really honed my people skills. 

Through it all, I’ve always been a great writer with an intuitive knowledge of the marketing techniques that work for small to medium business owners and entrepreneurs – people like you and me.

When social media exploded in the past decade, it was a no-brainer to embrace it as a cost-effective and direct marketing channel, perfectly suited for businesses with limited budgets. Which is how Island Girl Writing came to be. It combines my passion for writing, marketing and all things social.

And if you’re wondering about the name of the company, I’m a US expat with a thirst for exploring who calls a tiny Caribbean island home. When I’m not helping clients around the world achieve their marketing goals, you can find me on the water kiteboarding or behind my computer planning my next adventure.

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