Follow Me…Somewhere New

I love changes. Probably obvious to anyone whose known me over the years – as a friend, client or colleague. Never content to stay in one place (or situation) for very long, I’m always evolving. Changing my situation. My circumstances.

And so it is today. I just returned from a truly inspirational writing retreat on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico with nine amazing women (who also happen to be writers who live on rocks…just like me). Every facet of my being was energized.

And besides absorbing all that inspiration from these lovely women, one major quandry in my life was also solved.


When one door closes, another opens. Or, in this case, a window. Or a website.

You see, in addition to writing professionally (a/k/a how I pay my bills), I also love to chronicle my adventures (and sometimes mis-adventures) of my globetrotting lifestyle (ok, mostly Caribbean but doesn’t it sound more glam to suggest I could be anywhere in the world at any given time? I’m a writer, I get to embellish…it’s part of the job description.).

But I’ve always been troubled by sharing everything under one umbrella. After all, my business clients may (not) necessarily find the trials and tribulations of rock life all that interesting. I mean, I do think I’m pretty entertaining, but maybe they have enough entertainment in their lives and they just want me to create persuasive prose for THEIR products.

So today I decided that it was time to segregate the two personas that occupy my soul.

From here on out, my website “Island Girl Writing” (and the related Facebook page) will focus exclusively on my professional work endeavors. And all my crazy shenanigans (my new favorite word to describe my non-work life) will appear exclusively on my personal blog, The Adventures of Island Girl (and its supporting Facebook page and Instagram account.)

So if you’re up for the adventure, I invite you to follow along on my personal pages. And, of course, if you need some incredible prose for your products or services, stay right here and get in touch. Either way, I look forward to staying in touch. Whichever part of my life you find compelling.


Liz a/k/a Island Girl